Hello there, my name is Andrew Haacke and welcome to my travel journal!

A close friend helped me create this log at the outset of my next big adventure in July 2016 in order to share my thoughts, experiences, pictures, joys and trials with those I know from back home and those I meet on the road.

Although I was born and raised in Boise, ID, I can’t really claim to be from any one place as I’ve lived in so many over the years. At one point I believe I counted 35 or so addresses that I’ve held, not to mention a few interspersed years of sleeping on couches with family and friends and living out of a backpack or van. After high school I joined the Navy for 4 years, finished a degree in Anthropology at the University of Utah, and proceeded to study a Master in Social Work and Master in Public Administration at University of Southern California.

As I’ve come to learn more about myself, I’ve realized that traveling around anywhere and everywhere in sometimes unconventional ways is my true passion in life, and so what follows is the result of me dedicating my life to this pursuit for as long as I am able.

My hope is that not only this blog imparts some joy as you share in my journeys, but that it also inspires you to travel in whatever way you can to wherever you feel pulled to go.