Welcome to my Way. My name is Vidar, or, Andrew Haacke.

This web page is about me, living my truth, and sharing that truth with the world.

I was born and raised in Boise, ID but I can’t really claim to be from any one place as I’ve lived in so many over the years. I’ve had so many hats, so many faces, heeded and then later stopped so many callings that I am not sure I could accurately count them. I’m not sure who I am, having embraced an internal chaos of meaning. At one point I counted 35 or so addresses that I’ve held, not to mention a few interspersed years of sleeping on couches with family and friends and living out of a backpack or van. After high school I joined the Navy and left it to find a world of internal chaos. I studied Anthropology first and, later,  social work and public administration. Vocation-wise, I have identified as many things, and that identification continues to change even though I might wish it to be stable.

The chaos of my life has been a quest for personal meaning, following an inner voice. I have been running and seeking something for so long, that patterns started occurring which only made sense via Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell. My life has epitomized the model of the Hero’s Journey, and so I write about that, travel, and the magical world of symbols.

I write to help myself understand the Journey I’ve been on, the chaos which has affected myself and those around me. As I seek to understand myself and relate my adventures, my personal goal is to transform myself by gradually healing my psyche, integrating with my personal Shadow, and using my gifts to help affect the world in a small way.

My greatest hope is that my travels, my lessons learned from running from myself for so long, gained by traveling within and without, resonate in some minute part with you or someone you know. If I am truly lucky it will inspire you to seek your own personal meaning.

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