The Green Drink

This is a story for months past that I am finally getting around to writing down. The story is about learning my personal elixir of life, a kind of personal elixir of immortality which I would use to heal my body the rest of my days whenever I could make it: the Green Drink.

Around the time my house was selling, a number of strange occurrences found their way into my life. Among them was a profound and sermonizing philosopher of his own realm: Bruce. Meeting him in the YMCA sauna, as I met so many other friends and acquaintances, Bruce quickly struck me as someone beyond the ordinary and conventional pale. He spoke early and often of the Bible, his understanding of it, which defied the prototypical interpretations stereotypically associated with Christianity. Bruce also talked of the Bible as a kind of quantum field generator. Some feeling within signaled my knowing that this was true. Although he may not agree with my understanding of this, it seems the Bible is a kind of guide to how one live’s life, manifesting unconditional love.

Bruce came into my life as a kind of personal savior, offering gifts and knowledge which helped propel me along my personal journey. He arrived at the time I needed him most, a supernatural aid and mentor ingrained into my person as an eternal friend and influence; a Hero. The symbols Bruce offered were the magic keys to a life well lived found within the Bible. The tools he offered was the recipe to what he terms the Green Drink, a healing elixir that cleanses the Body, taking one quickly from the Mind Prison and into a place where creativity and meaning can be actualized.


My Elixir of Life

The Elixir of Life is a symbol found commonly through mythos and stories. In some sense the elixir represents the symbolic keys which bridge humanity’s monster Dis, the disconnection between Spirit and Matter. In another, more objective sense, the elixir of life, for me, was found in the most potent and powerful recipe and mixture of greens I’ve ever felt combined into Bruce’s Green Drink. The first time Bruce offered it, I felt a rush of energy I had never felt before, a feeling of being in the body so infrequently felt in my life. This feeling, I know now, means I am living less in the Mind’s circling thoughts and in the place of greater connection with the unconscious world where symbols and other aspects of the same consciousness can be brought into form through creativity. The Green Drink takes me right into the body.

The ingredients Bruce taught me were a mixture of spinach, kale, oregano, mint, thyme, rosemary, fennel, and a leaf or two of sage, in roughly that order. Most of these plants have either amongst the highest nutrient density of greens–kale and spinach–or have magical anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, or other protective elements against the many ill-health effects within our world. The scientific research supports this claim, showing the Green Drink as a definitive form of protection against what our conventional medical system, entrapping us in the Matrix, says we must pay prodigious amounts of money to cure. This elixir and research behind it’s constituent elements, Bruce describes, embed magical stones of thymol, carvacrol, and other compounds into the intestines which ward off cancer and a great many other diseases.

Scientific research suggests he is correct. Here, you can type in oregano (carvacrol) or thyme or anything found in the Green Drink and then something like cancer or any major condition and see if there is research.

As one final aside, most of the Green Drink’s herbs come from the family lamiaceae, which from Bruce I learned seemed to symbolize the blood of the lamb from the Bible. The blood of the lamb, with lamb also symbolic of Jesus, are a kind of purification we undertake by drinking the symbolic blood of Jesus, the same path he tread towards purification of his soul. In another way, as Bruce taught and showed, the blood of the lamb could be found within the lamiaceae family of plants. In this passage, then, the purification is not only following the path of Jesus, but also using herbs from this “lam” family to help purify the body; and purify they do, as affirmed by the bodily feelings I felt and the scientific research bearing out the healing properties of herbs grown easily in one’s backyard.

I answered, “Sir, you know.” And he said, “These are they who have come out of the great tribulation; they have washed their robes and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. — Revelation 7:14


Fresh is Better

One final, very important note about making the Green Drink. Consider that anything we buy in the grocery store has been dead, sometimes for months or years. By dead, I mean when the source product was harvested and thus began to decay. In crackers, the wheat is likely many months old; in “fresh” fruits and produce, it could vary from weeks to days. Regardless, decay means the critical compounds, which in this case heal, have started to decay.

Thus, as Bruce taught, the green drink is far more potent and powerful when the ingredients are fresh. Fortunatel, all of these plants are some of the most hardy and durable plants grown today. The herbs and kale, in particular, can grow almost anywhere, and some are even evergreen, growing year round. With anyone having a small plot or area for a raised bed capable of easily growing these, one could not ask for easier and more potent ingredients for building up energy and mental clarity.