Symbols are an important part of understanding our stories; Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung believed symbols are connections to myths, the psyche, and shared human unconscious. The Hero’s Journey is a shared pattern found in all mythologies, religious traditions, tales and sagas. Symbols bridge the material world and this unseen realm we all exist within, what Jung called the collective unconscious. As the journey to learn who we truly are through integrating the dark and light sides of our psyche, the Hero’s Journey requires internalization of these shared archetypes, patterns, images, symbols, contained and seen in all traditions and myths.

As I came to begin understanding my story and seeing the common threads and patterns contained within, symbols started to take on a new meaning in both my personal life and in how I viewed the world at large. Monsters, heroes, kings and queens, villains and spirits, treasures and elixirs of immortality, angels and demons, God; all represent more than meets the eye in each story. Carl Jung thought that explicating these symbols through endless analogies–for each symbol has countless meanings–creates a personal connection for each of us.

This page contains links to the articles I hope to post about my interpretation of symbols in my life. Although symbols take on an ultimately personal meaning for each of since because of their subjective nature, I hope talking about my symbolic interpretations will help others begin to figure out what symbols mean to them, in their life. Symbols are the realest form of magic we may know, since symbols unlock parts of ourselves and help us find unfulfilled potential.


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The Cross: A symbolic guide to the Cross as a lesson for taking responsibility for our own suffering.

The Power of Prayer: A personal guide to the importance of prayer in daily living.


The Matrix: The Matrix is humanity’s Shadow, projected out through a silicon lifeform, artificial intelligence, that we are creating.

Vampires and Undead: A guide to undead, which can become monstrous versions of our psyche if we don’t face the Shadow.


The Shadow: A guide to the importance of facing one’s own Shadow in order to integrate the male Spirit.

Dis, Disconnection: How disconnection of Matter and Spirit results in a childhood split, human suffering.



The Breath: The symbolism of the nose, breathing through the nostrils, and other breathing techniques.

The Eyes: The symbolism and importance of directed attention and eye contact with other humans.

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