The Hero’s Journey

The Hero’s Journey is the oldest, greatest story ever told: yours. It is contained in every myth and legend, encoded in symbols. Within the myths are the instructions for modern men to live their lives, an antidote to suffering. In taking our respective Hero’s Journeys, we start to radiate light instead of darkness by facing our personal Shadow. The myths show the answers for facing our Shadow, a stepwise process of gradually moving beyond the cares of the material world in our own ways. In Joseph Campbell’s terms it is simply to Follow Your Bliss wherever it leads you. The Hero’s Journey leads us on individual spiritual paths of personal meaning.

In real terms, the Hero’s Journey is a step wise process in which we connect the symbols of myth and the Hero’s Journey with events in our lives. In so doing we can see which events occurred when and where and how, and can also learn to better recognize them in the future. For the Hero’s Journey is a process of identity death and rebirth, through which we gradually defeat egocentrism and learn to live with love for ourselves as we are in the world by no longer hiding behind the mask and then spread more love to others. We learn to start living for others, rather than always for our own desires or selfish materialistic aims. This is an important transition for men coming up, because artificial intelligence will either save us entirely, or destroy us, but certainly will take a great many jobs.

Men can find meaning through a new world of creativity by understanding their Hero’s Journey and take it further if they are already on it, restart it if we’ve become trapped, or get started if we haven’t yet begun. So take the Hero’s Journey, create the myth of your life, begin the adventure, and be the Hero you always wanted to be. If you’re already on the Hero’s Path, keep on going, see how far you can get, and help save our deteriorating world. The world needs you, desperately.

This is a guide to start on the Path, if you’ve lost it and are stuck in some dark forest.


Hero’s Journey Introduction: 

The Hero’s Journey: An overview of your life’s story